Holy Grail: Edge Naturale

This isn’t one of my normal posts, but if you’re here from my personal Facebook page then you know I’ve been hinting about a few collaborations brewing. Recently, I added a new product to my LOW maintenance routine. If you know me then you already know I dread dealing with my natural hair as is. HATE IT!!!! It’s overwhelming at times, so I’m always wearing wigs or protective styles. Lately, I’ve noticed that my edges are thinning in one spot. I have constant heat and tension from braids to thank for that. Luckily for me, I was sent over some Edge Naturale to try and bottom line is I love it.

Look at them edges chile! 🥴🤣

Since I’ve started using the product I’ve noticed how soft and shiny my hair has been lately. I suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis and I’ve been prescribed so many different creams and shampoos with NO results. It’s kind of crazy how they reached out to me without any knowledge of my trifling scalp. The GHETTO. I’ve noticed a change in my scalp already since I’ve started using Edge Naturale. No lie, my hairline would get super dry and ashy ya’ll and walking around with flakes falling all day isn’t cute. Do you know how annoying and embarrassing that is?! Especially with a hair line like mine! You can spot this widows peak a mile away chile. I’m so glad I was fortunate to try this product and give ya’ll an honest review. This will be a staple in my home from now on.

Edge Naturale

Getting my jar of this product was probably if not, the best thing that has happened to my hair. I apply it twice daily, initially on wash day. I remember texting my best friend saying how amazing it felt and smelled when I applied it to my edges. For me the smell of peppermint really stood out and my scalp really loves the cooling sensation that I feel afterwards. It’s all natural with ingredients such as coconut milk, jojoba oil, and of course peppermint. This product can be used by anyone, even on your beards guys. It can be used on any problem area where there is thinning or damage actually, just clean the area with warm water, apply directly to the source, and massage it in gently. If I could sit at home and massage this into my scalp all day, believe me I would. They can be found on IG at @edgenaturale or you can visit the website directly by clicking here. Edge Naturale

No more bald head hoe shit,

Jasmine 💋

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