I Got My Edges Back

Hey ya’ll it’s me and my raggedy edges back again with an update. Back in August I told ya’ll I would take better care of them and to be honest, I really tried and failed as far as hair care. Life just got hectic I suppose. So much has happened since then, but thankfully I’ve still had my Edge Naturale on hand for those days where I struggled.

Immediately after starting the product, I noticed a difference in my hair. Like the air head I can be sometimes unfortunately, I had a frontal like closure installed for my birthday. Where there’s a frontal you can bet your last dollar that there’s some sort of adhesive involved…an adhesive my raggedy edges didn’t really like. So guess where that led me?! Back to square one.

So yes here I am with some dusty knotless braids and noticeably fuller edges. I can say for me personally, the product has made my edges thicker than before, but what I really love is the tingly sensation I get upon application. It gives me all the feels! To be honest guys, before I sat down to update you on this chaos filled sitcom I call my life I rubbed a bit in slightly and let it work it’s magic. The stuff is GOLD! Since wearing this protective style, I’ve been applying it as much as possible. As an added plus, it helps tame my unruly edges. Edge control is unheard of for these curls of mine.

The customer service is even better though. I received my package extremely fast considering the way shipping time and speed has been with USPS. Literally took about two days. What I loved the most about the process is how Shantel personally tracked my second jar to make sure I received it. She knew it was delivered and on my doorstep before I did! As someone who runs a business themself, I was floored! Thoroughly impressed. I don’t think I’ve ever received such a great level of customer service. So if you haven’t gotten a jar or two I suggest you head over to the site and tell them I sent you so that you can grow your edges back. I promise you won’t be disappointed. We’re not going into 2021 with thin edges ladies. I won’t allow it.

I Got My Edges Back,

Jasmine 💕.

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